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Prepare to sell CBD online

Don't let complex website and product labeling regulations prevent your e-commerce business from selling CBD products online in Europe.

Use our Compliance Guide for Online CBD Sales to conduct a quick check, and keep your CBD business moving forward.

Going from stuck to successful



I use Vendo as a payment processor because, while others limit us, Vendo supports our CBD business. - Sweed Dreams

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E-commerce merchants are racing to establish themselves in Europe's emerging (and lucrative) CBD market.

Online sales of CBD products in Europe have many restrictions and requirements, especially for website content and product descriptions.

Whether you are already in the CBD space or looking to enter it, compliance means success.

Inside Your Guide


​​Online CBD sellers must include specific information on their website related to consumer protection, contact, privacy, and other such details.

Our guide details each requirement for your website in an easy reference format.


All CBD product labels and descriptions must contain specific details to keep your customers informed of product contents.

Use the guide to review your product descriptions and labels for compliance.


Our guide uses an easy checklist format to help you navigate the requirements for your website and products.

We also summarized what you need to know without having to flip through pages of dense rules and explanations. 

Payment processing is essential to your success

Maximize revenue from CBD sales with seamless transactions supported by an experienced payment processing partner
  • Experience

    Does the payment processor have experience with online CBD transactions and merchant needs?

  • Knowledge

    Is the payment processor well-informed about European regulations for online CBD transactions?

  • Relationships

    Does the payment processor have key relationships within the banking industry to help mitigate issues, especially for CBD merchants categorized as high-risk?

  • Proven Solutions

    Can the payment processor help you resolve problems with effective solutions provided by experts in CBD transactions?

Fill the form and get the guide

With more than fifteen years of experience in payment processing, the experts at Vendo Services inspire growth by making payments simple.

We believe that payment processing is an opportunity, not an administrative burden. We are innovators who work to create the best possible tools and products.

We provide responsive customer support, key data insights, and an AI-driven system that helps eliminate fraud and chargebacks before they happen. 

We help your business thrive!